With the improvements in technology and fast-moving trends, Vehicles are getting more & more electric, sustainable, practical, and notably autonomous with a dramatic inside-out transformation that might drive the autonomous future of transportation from motorsport to production. So the idea grew more evident, what if there was a radical inside-out revolutionary design that had a single-surface mould body on top sandwiched on a frame with no constraints for the tires attached through the chassis beneath like the standard car. And what if the top surface mould can be replaced by changing body forms as required such as different vehicle packages, And overall what happens if this was a racing prototype that can steer the future of autonomous transportation.

The problem is not just about over-crowded automobiles around the globe but the interior space within production models is growing tight due to reduction in the length of the entire vehicle as limited room for parking and as well as many unneeded technical features around you.


Lamborghini Serpentor is an autonomous futuristic prototype from the way it appears to the technology it carries under its skin. The one term that originates this vehicle is RADICAL. It’s developed inside out as a possible answer for the future of transportation architecture. The main body design has its influence derived from the renowned fighter plane SR-71 blackbird with its stunning fast, sharp, and aerodynamic lines flowing from the front to the back of the body with a lightweight, stealthy low to ground look sandwiched to the frame of the vehicle. Whereas its front has a more stunning face of snake inspiration with the red led light that’s the Ai brain which controls all the fusion of the camera detecting system. As well as its side adjustable chassis with batteries and tires, which is more influenced by the front of the SR-71 rudders standing straight on both sides of the main wing. The back is designed as a techno engineered way to keep the vehicle on the ground to reduce drag with a huge air-splitter at the bottom whereas on the top with a spoiler connected into the main body at the front and coming to its back it harmoniously stretches into the tail lamps which maintains smooth airflow over the body.

The underbody of the car is a technological marvel with a vacuum suction pump that activates itself at the corners to keep the vehicle on the ground intern creating additional traction in the place of slender omnidirectional wheels that are attached to movable side chassis constructed of graphene battery panels framed with hexagonal-shaped carbon fibre. Another key element of Serpentor is that side frames operate as rudders at the corners to balance the CG of the vehicle, which in turn is coupled to the main body using pneumatic hydraulics that offers freedom of movement like a rudder and as well as detachable but modular when needed. Moreover, the side graphene panels express themselves by displaying hexagonal shape graphics when charging which makes this car more alive.


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