The Alpha Trike is a project of a futuristic three-wheel vehicle based on a flexible structure that allows different driving modes. The project’s goal was to adopt a new, modular approach to motorcycle design, combining it with the design DNA of the Husqvarna brand. The main feature of the Alpha Trike is its frame, designed with a pivot system that enables the bike to provide different driving modes: a Sport mode and Urban mode. The aggressive lean-in posture empowers the driver to drive “attacking” the road in the Sport mode—the lightweight silhouette changes from Sport to Urban for a laid-back and relaxing ride. The steering in Urban mode is through a joystick. The concept is capable of extreme learning, giving the rider the same experience as a sports motorcycle. At the same time, the frame and the three-wheel layout ensure the security and stability of the vehicle.

And thanks to my mentor who guided me through this project: Narayan Subramaniam, CEO & Head of Design, Ultraviolette Automotive